The North County Leadership Council (NCLC) is a membership organization comprised of North County elected officials, community leaders, and concerned citizens dedicated to serving as advocates for the region while cultivating strong leadership for the future.


Despite the fact that North County holds a large proportion of the county’s population (approximately 57%), serves as an important economic hub, and holds practically unlimited potential, the region lacks an established political network dedicated toward promoting and electing the next generation of pro-prosperity candidates.

Consequently, a coalition of North County elected officials and community leaders has established the North County Leadership Council, an organization dedicated to supporting and electing strong leaders for the future while advocating for issues that matter to the region as a whole.

We believe an alliance among elected officials from all North County cities and jurisdictions north of State Route 56 can create stronger political leadership and new opportunities for the region.

Primary among the organizations activities will be the establishment and growth of a Political Action Committee geared toward supporting local and regional candidates who have received the endorsement of the organization.

In addition, the NCLC will also seek to organize regional leaders to address, advocate for, or oppose issues that have an impact on the entire region.

To contribute, please click here. For any questions or concerns, please contact info@nc-lc.org.